Minnesota head coach Chris Finch accepted the invitation to the 4th International Basketball Conference!

The Conference, which is considered to be the scientific feast at the beginning of the season, will be organized on July 16-17, 2023 by the Center for Basketball Methodology and Education (KSMK).

The series continues: László Rátgéber, the director of KSMK, already announced during the third conference that the next international one will be held in the summer of 2023. By now we have the date, which must absolutely fall within the calendars: on July 16-17, 2023, the National Basketball Academy in Pécs will host the 4th International Basketball Conference, which will be a scientific feast at the beginning of the sports season!

In the previous three outstanding events, gold medalist at the Olympic Games, World and European Championships, NBA champion head coach, Euroleague winners, the highest rated scientific authorities in their field held various plenary presentations. It won’t be any different now. A great honor – also an excellent feedback regarding the international evaluation of the conferences organized so far – is that another American coach accepted the invitation: Chris Finch, the head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves from the NBA! The 53-year-old professional worked in Europe (England, Germany and Belgium) at the beginning of his coaching career and then served as assistant coach in the United States for the Houston Rockets, Denver Nuggets New Orleans Pelicans and the Toronto Raptors before taking over as head coach of Minnesota.

We will provide information about the conference program and the speakers later on.

We look forward to welcoming you all in Pécs on July 16-17, 2023!