Dry Needling Basic

course program – 3 days




26-28 May, 2023


Dr. Ferenc Hepp Rehabilitation and Regeneration Center, Pécs, Hungary


7632 Pécs, Megyeri st. 74.

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400 euro – SOLD OUT




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Dry needling basic course - KSMK


Dry needling basic course - KSMK

Dry needling basic course - KSMK


Course details


9:00 – 18:30


1. About DN;
2. Can we call it Acupuncture?
3. Munich Consensus Statement – muscle dysfunction, injury?
4. How does it work?
5. What’s the aim of treatment;
6. Should it be the only treatment? What works well with DN;
7. Source and cause of pain;
8. Proper dose. Progression of forces;
9. Superficial Dry Needling (SDN) vs. Deep Dry Needling (DDN). Needle manipulations;
10. Needle types and needle choices;
11. Clean and safe needling techniques. PEP Protocol;
12. No go areas, contraindications;
13. Complications;
14. Written Consent form;
15. Needle handling: proper tap and safe way to use it; How to release a stucked needle;


Lower limb palpation anatomy: thigh. No go areas; DN:
1. Quad
2. Hamstrings. Adductor longus

3. Lower leg palpation anatomy; No go areas: DN:
1. Gastroc and soleus
2. Anterior compartment: tibialis anterior, extensor digitorum and hallucis longus
3. Lateral compartment: peroneal muscles



9:00 – 18:30

Pelvis area palpation anatomy;
1. Gluts: maximus, medius and minimus
2. TFL
Lumbar spine palpation anatomy
1. SDN Multifidus, DDN erector spinae

Upper quadrant palpation anatomy. No go areas; DN:
1. Trapezius descending
2. Posterior neck
3. Rhomboids and trapezius ascending
4. Thoracic spine

Shoulder area
Rotator cuff: supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, subscapularis – posterior approach
Teres major/lats Pectoralis major



9:00 – 13:00

Upper limb: arm palpation anatomy. No go areas; DN:
1. Deltoid
2. Triceps
3. Biceps
4. Brachialis

Upper limb: forearm palpation anatomy. No go areas; DN:
1. Brachioradialis
2. Wrist extensors
3. Wrist flexors
Tennis elbow and golfers elbow muscles



Course presenter

Milosz Parchimowicz, MSc PT OMPT

A graduate of physiotherapy at the Academy of Physical Education in Poznan, including one semester of Erasmus program in Coimbra, Portugal. For 7 years has worked as a lecturer at Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin.

Certified in Kaltenborn-Evjenth Manual Therapy and MDT McKenzie. Has completed 4 years (over 1000 hours) of Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy program – IFOMPT standards.

Has worked with polish best pole vaulter – Piotr Lisek, European Indoor Champion and silver medal at the 2017 World Championship.


Milosz Parchimowicz, MSc PT OMPT - KSMK


Completed Medical Acupuncture course in London, Distal Acupuncture by dr Tan, invasive physiotherapy techniques: Percutaneous Electrolysis (PNE) and Percutaneous Nerve Stimulation (PENS). For over year worked as translator and assistant of Craig Smith from Republic of South Africa on Dry Needling courses in Poland. Assisted in teaching over 300 physios.

In 2018 became dry needling instructor and since then has trained over 2000 physios, DO’s and MD’s on courses in Poland, Belgium, Croatia, Slovakia and Serbia. Co-owner of Reha-Team Medical Center in Szczecin.



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Course price: 400 euro

Payments made here are paid in full and are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

The application does not mean automatic participation for the course. Based on the number of attendees (max. 20), you will receive the confirmation e-mail with the proforma invoice. As the payment arrives, the application becomes valid.

Training provides postgraduate training for qualified manual therapists, physiotherapists, doctors. A minimum of BSc diploma is required to attend (a copy of diploma is needed to be presented at the venue).

Dry Needling Basic

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