Two international specialists held a three-day manual therapy course

Spinal and peripherial manipulation course was held at the Dr. Hepp Ferenc Rehabilitation and Regeneration Center between 8-10 December in collaboration with the Center for Basketball Methodology and Education. During the three-day course, participants were able to listen to and learn from lectures and practical advice from manual medicine specialists David Lintonbon and Emily Ho from London.

David Lintonbon and Emily Ho have been working in the field of manual medicine for over 30 years, bringing a unique approach to their treatments. By combining their knowledge of acupuncture and manual therapy, they are able to focus on the individual needs of their patients.

Thanks to the cooperation between DEAC and the Soproni Darazsak Sports Academy, the course was attended by professionals from the two teams as well, along with other Hungarian and Serbian participants. During the course in Pécs, highly qualified professionals were introduced to the theoretical material and the group members practiced what they had learned too, which was a great help for the participants. The event allowed professionals with different backgrounds to exchange experience and knowledge, which was very useful for everyone.

It is a great pleasure for us to have the following comments about our Academy, the Center for Basketball Methodology and the Dr. Hepp Ferenc Rehabilitation and Regeneration Center from the excellent speakers in their reports on the course:

„Excellent venue that showcased a high performance sporting academy for basketball players and the dedicated supportive sports professional team including coaches, trainers, rehabilitation sports science specialists, sports-psychologists and sports-dieticians.”